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House Look Over

Here is a list of  things to look at when looking at a flip house.



Do you have Asbestos?

Here are some things in your house that may have asbestos. 

To permit or not to permit

Should you or should you not?  The pros and cons of pulling a permit.

8 things you must know before flipping a house

Do you have all your ducks in a row? Are you ready to go? Here are things to keep you on track.



Buying a House. 1-3

Buying a house to flip can be hard.  Here are some helpful hints on some things to do and not to do.  In this 1st of 3 series.

Fixing a House. 2-3

Now that you have your flip house, it's time to fix it.  From the kitchen layout to the bathroom color, every decision is up to you.  Here are some things you may have overlooked. In this 2nd of 3 series.




Flipping a House. 3-3

The house is almost done.  Time to get to market.  What's next?  Here is a list of things you should do before listing your house.  In this 3rd of 3 series.