On the Flipping Road how to find a Agent


How to find a agent?

Now we have our shiny city ready to be take on, we need to find a agent. Here’s where many people go wrong. A  Agent. Don’t find one agent find some agents. The more agents you have helping you find a great house to flip, the better change you have of finding one. My first trip out of town that’s where I went wrong.(yes I said first tip I'll get to that later) I did not, call enough agents to help me. There are many site out there with agent listing and agent reviews. The agents listing pages all say the same thing. Great to work with. On call 24 -7 Bah bah. Look thought the listing and fine one or  two agents that don't look like car sales men or and contact them. Make sure to check to see how many houses they have sold in the last year. I always like to make phone calls to people. You know the phone. I also email but I like to fill people out, see what they say when I tell them I am from Boston and what to flip houses down there. Emailing back and forth dose not help me get an understanding of who I am dealing with. I have a agent tell me not to bother coming down her way the market was not good. She then told me that the markets are bad all across the state, the only place where the market is good was in Maine. Maine. I told her thanks and that was the end of her. That agent lived from Florida. The hottest flipping market in the county. Lesson to be learned here is that agent are not alway right. Don't tell them. Moving on. Don't try to sound bigger then you are. If your a one man army tell them. The more info you give them on what it is you want to do. The better they can try to help you. You call call as many agent as you like until you find one or two that sound good. Recently I was in a city that I had been to 3 or 4 time in the past. I have been working with two agent in that city and each agent know about the other one. I was not try to play them off each other I just wanted lots of eyes trying to find me houses. I fill it's better to be honest and let them know where your coming from. They both do a great job. I get lots of different houses from each of them.

When you go into a new city you don't know the market. WHAT’S HOT OR NOT. Let the agents help you. Thats what they do. If there any good they will have a good insight all the different part of town. Saying that it's alway good to do your home work as well. Talk to people on the street not like a crazy person. Go into a over priced coffer shop. Ask them. They may not always know the best part of town but they will always know the bad part.

I had a agent tell me this house is great, it will sell fast, this is a great part of town. I liked the house, the ROI was good. I was ready to pull the trigger. Just one last thing, I had to asked my friend who lives in that city what he thought of that part of town. Well I got a very different answer. I did a little more digging and lets just say I will not be working with him anymore. I dose take a little work to find a really good agent. There are plenty of them out there. 

Its good take the advice from agent, but do lots of you own homework before buying. Its your MONEY.