Which drywall should I use

When it comes to Drywall there are a few different choices. Depending on what you're using the drywall for will determine the type and color

of that you should use. Here's a quick breakdown of the different types. Just a quick note, drywall and sheetrock are the same thing just different

brand names.

Grey Drywall, sheetrock

size 1/2 3/8 1/4

4x8 panels.

This is the most popular drywall that you would use around the house. No clustering is necessary for this type of drywall. Using joint compound and

tape to join pieces together. Once you have sanded and prepped the walls of paper on this drywall is designed to take paint directly.  There is a new type

of this drywall called ultralight. The name says it all it's lighter than the original so it is easier to work on ceiling.



Grey Drywall, sheetrock

size 5/8

4x8 panels

There is also a thicker panel that are rated for fighting code. It is called type X. The big difference between this and of a regular drywall is it has a fire rating

of a minimum of one hour from regular drywall rating of 30 minutes. It also has a core that is a bit stronger and hold out longer in a file. What does all that

mean. Your house will burn down slower. It is more expensive then regular drywall. You can use it for your whole house, it also has a better R rating than

regular sheetrock and a better soundproofing  


Blue board, sheetrock

size 1/2

4x8 panels

Blue-board's is designed with the intent of covering it them evener plaster. It has a more of absorbent papal that is designed to bond better with plaster

before painting.

Green board, sheetrock

size 1/2

4x8 panels

Green board is a water resistant drywall. It is coated with wax to protect it, and makes it water resistant. It's great to use in a bathroom and anywhere where

you may have moisture.

Purple Board

Purple Board are specially treated fire-resistant and mold, mildew and moisture resistant.


See manufacturers for details on all the different types for drywall sheetrock and gypsum products